Since 1989 the Ambrose companies have been providing complete street sweeping services for businesses, retail and industrial centers, waste companies, home owner associations, home builders, asphalt companies and municipalities.  

Ambrose Industrial Services, utilize mechanical broom street sweeper trucks that can handle everything from heavy to small Debris tracked onto roadway surfaces during construction projects or milling / paving projects.

Ambrose Industrial Services, Utilize Tandem axel Dump trucks and Stake trucks with truck mounted attenuators to protect the public while sweeping State highways systems, County and City roads. In accordance with MUTCD Specifications.

Our customer list includes State Department of Transportation's, City Department of Public Works, County Road Commissions, County D.P.W and County DOT, airports, large industrial facilities, construction, asphalt, waste, home builders, also special event venues.

From the well trained and dedicated office staff, to the experienced street sweeping operations, we provide excellent service in a courteous and professional manner.

Let's talk about how Ambrose Industrial Services can help you meet your service objectives.